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Pictures and descriptions of all of our available cats can also be found on our Facebook cat album

All cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated before leaving the shelter. Many Dillon- and Bozeman-area clinics will offer a free initial checkup for cats adopted from our shelter. Inquire directly for details. 


Kitten - $50

Cat - $40

Barn Cat - $20

Senior Cat (6 years and older) - $30

Senior Adopter (60 and older) - $20 Cat | $30 Kitten

Military Discount - $30

We offer occasional adoption specials!

I'm Oreo - 

Oreo is an adult male cat. He is a bit of a goofball! Always one of the first cats to greet visitors!

I'm Xena - 

Xena is an adult female tabby. She's a snuggler! Xena needs to be on urinary health food. She's an extremely social girl! 

I'm Buttons - 

Buttons is a large male tuxedo cat. He's a friendly, affectionate cat! He's always one of the first to greet our staff in the morning! 

I'm Ember - 

Ember is a female tortoiseshell cat. She's an excellent mouser! She's a little on the shy side, and would be happiest as an indoor/outdoor or shop cat. She's currently being treated for some GI issues. Our veterinarian believes this is due to shelter stress and likely won't resolve until she is placed in a home. 

I'm Baby Girl - 

Baby Girl is an adult female longhair cat. She's the perfect lap warmer! Baby Girl is great with kids and other cats. She's not too crazy about dogs, but can co-exist with dogs with good cat manners.

I'm Midnight - 

Midnight is a female shorthair kitten. She's a sweet girl who loves to cuddle!

I'm Baby - 

Baby is a female shorthair kitten. She's a very friendly girl, but is a bit of an introvert. She would make a great companion in a quiet home.

I'm Chilli - 

Chilli is a 3-year-old female orange tabby. She's the definition of "lap cat!" Chilli needs a home that will be committed to helping her lose some weight.

I'm Axle - 

Axle is a 2-year-old male tabby. He's a friendly guy that likes to explore. He would make an excellent indoor/outdoor or friendly barn cat.

I'm Mia - 

Mia is a 3-year-old female cat. She's a very petite girl. Mia came to us with a severe infection after delivering her kittens. She's a fighter and is now a perfectly healthy, happy cat! Mia is a sweet, quiet cat. She would love to be an indoor/outdoor cat and is an excellent mouser.

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