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Pictures and descriptions of all of our available cats can also be found on our Facebook cat album

All cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated before leaving the shelter. Many Dillon- and Bozeman-area clinics will offer a free initial checkup for cats adopted from our shelter. Inquire directly for details. 


Kitten - $50

Cat - $40

Barn Cat - $20

Senior Cat (6 years and older) - $30

Senior Adopter (60 and older) - $20 Cat | $30 Kitten

Military Discount - $30

We offer occasional adoption specials!

I'm Pepper - 

Pepper is a 2-year old female Tabby/Tortoiseshell, and a very sweet and affectionate cat. She loves kids, and enjoys following the staff around asking for attention. She seems indifferent to dogs. Pepper is generally good with other cats, but is pretty stressed out by the group cat housing at the shelter, and we're hoping to get her placed in a home -- either foster, or adoptive -- as soon as we can.

I'm Ember - 

Ember is a female tortoiseshell cat. She's an excellent mouser! She's a little on the shy side, and would be happiest as an indoor/outdoor or shop cat. She's currently being treated for some GI issues. Our veterinarian believes this is due to shelter stress and likely won't resolve until she is placed in a home. 

I'm Kiz - 

Kiz is a 2-year-old male polydactyl (extra toes) cat. He's a sweet boy who is feeling a bit overwhelmed in the shelter environment. He would love a warm lap to help him unwind!

I'm Kiera - 

Welcome, Kiera! She's a sweet and slightly shy female calico cat, new to the shelter and looking for a home. Get in touch if you'd like to make an appointment to meet her!

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