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Pictures and descriptions of all of our available dogs are listed below and can also be found on our Facebook dog album.  

All dogs are spayed/neutered and vaccinated before leaving the shelter. Many Dillon- and Bozeman-area clinics will offer a free initial checkup to a dog adopted from our shelter. Inquire directly for details. 


Dogs and Puppies - $120

Senior Dog (5 years and older) - $60

Senior Adopter (60 and over) - $80

Senior Adopting a Senior Dog - Free

Military Discount - $80

We offer occasional adoption specials!

I'm Brady - Adoption Pending

Brady is an adult male Pit Bull, and would be a great fit for an active household. Brady loves to play ball, is very smart, and will thrive with some consistency in training and boundaries. He can be a little choosy with other dogs, but our team is happy to help assess compatibility with other dogs in the home, so as to make the best placement possible for all members of the family. Brady has not yet been cat tested (we'll update post once that happens). Come on in and meet this sweet boy!

I'm Terrance

Terrance is a 1-year-old male mixed-breed dog. He's very playful, loves toys, and will retrieve all day long! He loves kids and other dogs. He has not been tested with cats. He has lots of love to give, but can be overly enthusiastic with his affection!

I'm Eddie - Adoption Pending

Eddie is a 2-year-old terrier mix. He's on the timid side and would prefer a quiet home. He bonds tightly to his family and can become lap aggressive if proper boundaries are not put in place. Like many small dogs, it will be important for his new family to treat Eddie like a dog, not a baby. That will build his confidence and help him thrive! He's a clever dog and training should be easy. He just needs a direction to apply his brilliance! Eddie is a loyal, affectionate dog.

I'm Lucky

Lucky is a 6-year-old male large-breed mix. He is one happy dog! Anything you do with Lucky at your side is his new favorite thing. Lucky loves people of all ages, but may accidentally knock small children over. He likes to play with other large dogs, but is a bit too rough for small dogs. Lucky does not like cats.

I'm Pops

12/4/19: Meet Pops!

Pops is a being fostered in Helena, by a family who've been working hard to help him resolve some allergy issues. They've taken him to the vet, have a good understanding of his needs, and are now hoping to help him find his forever home. As they know him best, we'll let them make the introduction:

"Pops is around 5, but like any typical lab still has plenty of puppy left in him! Pops ... See More

I'm Pepper - Adoption Pending

Pepper is a 2-year-old female Lab/Catahoula mix. If you look at her picture closely, you'll see her beautiful brindle markings on her face and paws. This sweet girl was surrendered with a litter of puppies. Now that her pups are off in their own homes, Pepper is ready for a home for herself! Pepper is good with other dogs and keeps a respectful distance from cats. She likes people of all ages. Pepper seems to know a few obedience cues, but will need some brushing up. She's a smart girl, so training should be a breeze!

I'm Missy

Welcome back, Missy! Missy is a 3-year-old large-breed mix. She is an active and affectionate dog! She was just a little too much for her previous adopter's small kids. Missy loves to be in the thick of things! She does have some prey drive, so small animals may not be safe around Missy. She would love to rid your property of gophers!

I'm Otis - Adoption Pending

Otis is a 7-year-old male Lab mix. He's a tall one! Otis has a typical personality- joyful affectionate, and faithful! He knows basic obedience cues, but needs a little reminder on the leash. He just doesn't know his size! Otis likes people of all ages, but kids are his favorite! He's great with other dogs and cats.

I'm Phillip - Adoption Pending

Phillip is a 2-year-old male Doberman. He is an incredibly affectionate dog! Phillip is a little insecure and can be co-dependent with people to make him feel safe. He's learning fast and is on his way to becoming a well-rounded dog! Phillip is available for adoption to experienced homes only at this point as he works through his insecurities.

I'm Mesa - Adoption Pending

Mesa is a 2-year-old female German Shepherd. She came in with her mother, Cheyenne. The dogs get along very well, but would be ok if they were adopted seperately. Mesa is a "velcro dog." She wants to stick to your side wherever you go! Mesa loves to explore. She would love to go on hikes or other adventures with you! She loves meeting new people and other dogs. Mesa has not been cat tested yet.

I'm Cheyenne - Adoption Pending

Cheyenne is a 7-year-old female German Shepherd. She came into our care with her daughter, Mesa. The dogs get along very well, but would be ok if they were adopted seperately. Cheyenne is has a kind, thoughtful personality. She is very intune with her handlers! Cheyenne is a quiet dog that likes to sit back and observe the world around her. She's very friendly and has no trouble meeting new dogs and people of all ages. She keeps a watchful eye over the children in her life and is an excellent "nanny dog". She has not been tested with cats.

I'm Beatrix - Adoption Pending

Beatrix is a 2-year-old female "Pyradoodle" (Great Pyrenese x Standard Poodle). She is a sweetheart! She is very people-oriented and tries her best to be a good girl! She's great with kids! She enjoys playing with other dogs, but has not been tested with cats

I'm Benny -

Benny is a 1-year-old male German Shorthaired Pointer mix. Benny is attentive and affectionate. He just soaks in training sessions! This smart boy is craving a job to do. Benny loves all people, but kids are his favorite. He enjoys playing with other dogs. He has not been cat tested yet, but due to his prey instincts, we suspect he will do best in a home without small animals.

I'm Tyrion - Adoption Pending

Tyrion is a 3-year-old male Rottweiler. He is having a difficult time adjusting to shelter life and we'd like to get him into either a foster or permanent home as soon as possible. He is a very smart and sweet dog! When he's comfortable, you can't stop the happy wiggles! Tyrion loves other dogs. He has not been tested with cats. Due to his size and strength, we feel it would be best to place him in an experienced home, probably without small children, where he can take the time he needs to de-stress.

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